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Part 3 - The Prequel

Brigitte and Ginger aren’t in Bailey Downs anymore. The Fitzgerald sisters find themselves in a place more bleak and depressing than the suburbs-- 19th century Canada. On the run, Brigitte and Ginger find refuge in a small traders’ fort on the edge of the known New World. Sheltered by a ragtag group of near insane explorers and traders, the girls’ sanctuary turns out to be a confine of terror when they discover the fort is under siege by savage werewolves. An enigmatic Indian hunter may be the girls’ only hope against the beastly onslaught outside the door, but that’s not the worst of it- one of the girls has been bitten by a werewolf. Brigitte and Ginger may finally have no one to turn to but themselves in the cold, dark prairie wilds.

Image Source: Nice Doggie Films Alberta Inc., Photo by Dan Power!
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Screencaps taken from Katharine Isabelle Online
- Originally from www.citytv.com -


www.citytv.com's MT Clip in Real Media Format (Ginger Snaps 2 & 3 behind the scene clip, same as on GS2 page):
www.chumtv.com <- it's awesome, check it out !!!

Ginger Snaps 3 @ International Movie Database


Production: Completed
Release Date (Theater): late April 2004 (Canada) depending on the theatrical success of Ginger Snaps 2 - the prequel, maybe direct to video, which would mean:
Release Date (DVD&VHS): late April 2004
Trailer: Not available yet
Release info is subject to change!

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