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05-18-2020 - Recovered official Ginger Snaps Website and Ginger Snaps offical UK Website

11-29-2003 - Re-Design of GS2 Section / created seperate website with navigation menu: www.ginger-snaps.com/unleashed
Future news regarding GS2 will be found in the news section of this new website.

11-11-2003 - The official titles for the sequels are:
- Ginger Snaps: Unleashed (Sequel)
- Ginger Snaps Back (Prequel)
Thanks to everyone who emailed me this info!

11-07-2003 - A new Ginger Snaps 3 (Prequel) Picture can be found in the current issue of the Fangoria Magazine. You can view it at bloody-disgusting.com.
Further, I just discovered, that I never linked to the "Ginger Snaps 3 - The Hunter" image, which is up for a long time on upcominghorrormovies.com. You probably know this one, but I provided the link just in case. ;-)

10-31-2003 - New Ginger Snaps 2 Pictures have been added. You can find them im my GS2 section. Thanks to Carl from www.moviecontests.com for sending them in!

10-27-2003 - Message Boards related to Katie, Emily and Ginger Snaps are up and running (external Links!). Go to:
Ash's Katharine Isabelle Apreciation Forum for the english version
or to:
Ginger-Snaps.de Real Fans Community for the german version.

10-20-2003 - Ginger Snaps 2 - the Sequel has finally a release date !!!!!!! It will have its theatrical release on January 23, 2004 !!! The release date for Ginger Snaps 3 - the Prequel will be late April 2004 and its theatrical release depends on the success of the sequel at the theaters. These dates are for Canada only. U.S. or international release dates are unknown yet.Thanks to Carl from www.moviecontests.com for passing this info along. The release info is subject to change!

09-23-2003 - ginger-snaps.de offers pictures of Brigitte's Diary, they come from the japanese Edition of the DVD. Check them out here: B's Diary
Further a screencap from the GS2 making of was added, thanks to ginger-snaps.de for that!

09-22-2003 - Release Section (available versions of the original movie) updated. Thanks to Winterheim for sending the scans in. Further I found a website offering great free webcounters (all ad-free). Thanks to der-jeansladen for this great service!
One important thing: Please do not ask me for the release dates of the sequels, I don't have a clue yet! You will find that here, as soon as I find something out!

08-11-2003 - Soundtrack Section updated. Tonight I found the answer to the most frequently asked question, since I'm running my website. So please be sure you have been at the soundtrack area before you send me an email concerning this... ;-)

07-26-2003 - A new Edition of Ginger Snaps will be released by FOX on September 2, 2003. The new Cover can be seen at rottentomatoes.com or in my releases section (THIS COVER ARTWORK WAS NOT OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED YET!). No word on possible bonus material yet. It will sell for US$ 9.98 here: www.amazon.com

07-09-2003 - upcominghorrormovies.com announces that there might be a chance that first theater screenings of Ginger Snaps 2 - the Sequel will take place at the fall festival circuit in Canada, if all the editing is finished 'till then.

07-08-2003 - Details on the Credits of the sequel can be found here: www.telefilm.gc.ca

07-08-2003 - A Nathaniel Arcand Fanpage ("the hunter" in GS3) that features pics of him with Katie and of the complete cast from GS3: nathaniel-arcand.iwarp.com

07-01-2003 - Re-Design of www.ginger-snaps.com! 3 seperate areas for News, GS2 and GS3

05-28-2003 - Source Webpage: asylumdesignworks.com
- See Ginger Snaps 1 prod. design here: asylumdesignworks.com
Asylum Design Works who did the production design for the original movie also does it for the 2 sequels

05-27-2003 - Read the article here: 49thparallel.ca
49th Parallel gives more detailed info on the plot of GS3 (the prequel)

05-20-2003 - Source Webpage: citytv.com
- Watch the MT clip here: chumtv.com

Ginger Snaps 2 & 3 behind the scene clips

05-19-2003 - Visit website here: mac.com
Ginger Snaps 2 Shooting Board & Wolf Artwork

04-11-2003 - Read the article here: creature-corner.com
- View Katie Pic here: empiremovies.come

News on Freddy vs. Jason (featuring Katie)

04-10-2003 - Read the article here: creature-corner.com
Pictures of the Fitzgerald sisters

03-14-2003 - Read the article here: creature-corner.com
First Picture of the Wolf