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Here is a full listing of theaters playing GS2: creature-corner.com.

Check out the confirmed cover artwork for the GS2 DVD here: creature-corner.com. Though I don't think it is the final version, as they spelt "Katharine" wrong.

The official website www.gingersnapsthemovie.com is fully up and running.

There's finally a DVD release date for GS2:Unleashed: April 13, 2004! (RC1).
"Special Features tentatively include a commentary (Presumably with director Brett Sullivan), deleted scenes, storyboards, behind-the-scenes footage, and a make-up FX featurette (KNB FX)." Source: creature-corner.com. Thanks to Taylor for sending me this info.

The flash part of the official website www.gingersnapsthemovie.com is (partially) up.

One new Katie image was added to the pictures section, courtesy of www.thezreview.co.uk. They also have a new shot of Emily on their website.

Here is a small list of the first
confirmed theaters that will show GS2:
- Vancouver @ Granville
- Toronto @ Varsity
- Edmonton @ South Edmonton Commons
- Ottawa @ South Keys
- Winnipeg @ Grant Park
- Calgary @ Paramount Chinook
also, you have a chance to win tickets to pre-screenings at these places here!
Thanks to Mark from HNR for sending me this info.

The official site was updated and features now the canadian trailer and a new international trailer in Quicktime Format.
Creature Corner just published an interview with Brett Sullivan (the Editor of the original movie and the Director of the sequel). Check it out here.

Happy new Year!!!
Creature Corner has published an interview with Tatiana Maslany (Ghost). Check it out here. Thanks to Taylor for sending me the link.

Creature Corner just published an interview with Emily Perkins on her role in GS2. Check it out here. Thanks to anyone who sent me the link.

The Katharine Isabelle Appreciation Forum is up and running again on a new location. It can be found at this URL:

A first review is available. Check it out at creature-corner.com. Thanks to Ryan for sending me this link!

The Trailer is finally available. Thanks to everyone sending me the link!!!

The national release date for Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed was changed to Friday January 30th, 2004 (it was sitting on Jan. 23rd before). Thanks to Carl from Movie Contests for sending me this info!

Fangoria announces that Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed will have it's TV-Premiere in February. It will be aired on "Monsters HD", which is a HiDef channel from the VOOM package. As far as I know it will be broadcasted full uncut. Americans should check out the VOOM website or the local SEARS for availability.

The official Movie Poster can be seen either here or in my releases section.
Thanks to Robin from Seville Pictures for sending this in!

The official website for Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed has an URL! It's gonna be the same like the one that was used once for the original Ginger Snaps movie:
No content yet, except for the teaser poster, but keep your eyes open for the launch!

The official Teaser Poster can be seen either here or in my releases section. Thanks to Carl from Movie Contests for sending this in!
Further, one new picture of Brigitte was added - courtesy of lightsout.movieweb.com.

Re-Design of GS2 Section / created seperate website with navigation menu: www.ginger-snaps.com/unleashed